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Sunar's Indian Chief with Helper Eric Murphy
Sunar's Starfire with Helper Eric Murphy
Helper: Eric Murphy in Vancouver BC Canada

Remembering an outstanding seminar in Spokane, WA USA with SV Judge Franz Dörr

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Seminar with Franz Dörr SV Judge (Germany)working the GSD,
trial helper Norbert Heine (Germany) standing on the left holding the long line,
kneeling in the back is Willi Pope (USA Judge) Spokane,
and attending the GSD is owner Lynn Lewis

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link to large image Remember him? Recognize him?

Three decades ago, a Canadian training director
distributing shit on the Langley training field.

As a helper, he had perfect aim, never missing
the open eyes of a dog to fail it in a trial.

Still on Welfare?
Still trimming his home-bred GSDs?