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The Unfortunate Ones
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As a result of earlier failures, Camano has upgraded and tightened its screening program
for potential puppy owners. Below we show examples of boxers which we placed
with the wrong owners. Our offer to take the boxer back was always open, however,
the owners chose not to return the dog.

Retired dog control officer from the Canadian Prairie acquired the boxer female Brindy as a puppy. Instead of asking for help when she could not handle the young boxer, she farmed Brindy out to another home. After two years, she took her back and used her in AR style fashion to harass other dog owners in the neighbourhood. Brindy remained with the Prairie officer until her life was terminated with euthanasia. Owner bragged about how she did it. During the course of the events, we learned that this owner had absolutely no knowledge about dogs and was not prepared to take advice.

Owners acquired Haley as a puppy. They came for a visit when Haley was eight years old. Physically Haley was looking good and had enjoyed good health. Still acted like a boxer puppy. Following the visit, the owners took Haley to their coffee shop vet for a vaccination. Vet administered the injection with the comment "Boxers do not live to be eight years old!" Owners refused to see our approved vet, located a two hour drive from Haley's home. Fourteen days later Haley was dead. We learned later on that the owners had plans to go into "full style boxer breeding" for monetary gains with two new females. Owners do not have any knowledge about boxer breeding or boxer genetics.

Camano Vianna Grace Owners acquired Camano's Vianna Grace as puppy. Show quality. Owners promised to show and title her. Attempted agility failed. Owner was tossed out of the course because of incompetence. By pedigree, Vianna was a natural obedience boxer and very easy to work with. Owners never attempted to title her. Instead, they removed the registered prefix Camano and posted her as a pet breeding animal on their website under a false name with the prefix "Oceanside". A Vancouver Island boxer breeder joined into the forgery for the purpose of breeding. Whereabouts and welfare of Vianna is unknown. Date of birth 04 September 2001.

Camano Amigo Amigo, the choice puppy of the litter was transferred into the ownership of the Seattle boxer breeder in exchange for the co-ownership on the dam of the litter. I learned later that this Seattle breeder was well known for her dishonest transactions and misrepresentation of pedigrees. An attempt by this American breeder to steal the whole litter (Arpege, Amigo and siblings) forced me to leave an American Specialty boxer show in Seattle within 30 minutes of arrival and return to Canada without having shown my own boxer. Other attacks by the Seattle breeder included hiring a hand/hitman coming to my door in Vancouver. Manipulation of the registration of my Canadian born litter and the refusal to let me have access to Camano's Amigo for the purpose of mating made this litter a bad introduction to American breeders. Amigo was later discarded into a pet home where he was prematurly euthanized when he was about eight years old. I received the soap opera story from Seattle.

Tiffany Camano's Tiffany CKC Reg.#EC270420, sister to Misha resided under a breeding contract with the co-owner in Sidney BC. Co-owner bred an unregistered litter behind my back and informed me after the deed. Then the co-owner hired a lawyer for the purpose of having Camano's co-ownership "whiped out" from the CKC registration certificate. I never did get Tiffany back, nor did I release the co-ownership. Welfare of Tiffany unknown.

no photo New puppy owner of a 9 1/2 week old boxer puppy presented the vaccination and de-worming record which Camano issued with the puppy to his vet in Duncan BC. First visit. Camano's record listed the two recommended de-worming dates with no worms present. The vet administered another two(!) de-wormings knowing that this would damage the puppy. Upon my complaint to the CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association), I learned that this vet was an executive of the BCSPCA at the time. In his defense, the CVMA forwarded me an article which the vet had submitted to justify the over-worming. The two decade old article described the slums in Mexico where playing children come in contact with fecals. Because of the slums in Mexico(!) and the fact that the owner of the puppy had children the vet administered the free(!) de-worming service.The puppy was left with the irreversible damage of additional two de-wormings to a total of 4 de-wormings within a couple of weeks. Not only did the CVMA accept the hair raising excuse by the vet but the fact that this vet was an executive of the BCSPCA proved again that the registered dog had become free game in Canada.

Vancouver owner walked Alex (brother to Arpege) on a pinch collar all his life. Alex had an excellent disposition and like his sister was fond of other dogs. He did not need a pinch collar! After her husband's death, she fattened up a singles dance man, then euthanized Alex before her trip to Germany. She rejected my offer to take care of Alex while she visited Germany. She enjoyed presenting me with the details of the euthanasia. Following the "cremation" of Alex, her vet delivered the ashes from his wood stove while the remains of Alex were rotting on the city garbage dump of Burnaby!

Pepsi Pepsi was sold as a puppy to a nurse residing in one of the central Canadian provinces. She claimed to have references. She insisted on the name Camano's One and Only, and then she called her Pepsi !! I should have discarded this nurse as an owner of one of my puppies. Pepsi, a nice dark brindle with white markings came from the last litter of Arpege. The father of the litter was Tobi. The litter was a good breeding line combination. After this nurse purchased the puppy, she stayed for a time in BC with a friend, and had Pepsi's ears cropped at my veterinarian. Already the problems surfaced in a few conversations with her. This nurse tried to run the breeding down, claimed to have many years of experience in breeding boxers while it turned out she had none. I never saw the puppy again. The nurse left BC. Two years later, I received the required statement, my contract condition for allowing the new owner to breed her, that Pepsi had been x-rayed and her hips were good. Something was wrong with the statement, the stamp of the veterinarian was missing. I never found out until a year later, that the nurse had been "testing Pepsi by breeding her to an unregistered male". The next announcement I received was worse. Pepsi had bled to death during a C-Section of her second litter! Now, the nurse wanted a replacement claiming that Pepsi had an immunity deficiency. Two litters in a row, two C-Sections in a row will kill the healthiest bitch!


...............We'll spare you the worst cases. The horror of AR...............
....young boxers euthanized by Humane and AR societies with owners cooperating!....
...the horror story of a boxer puppy from the P-litter being euthanized
after the local SPCA told the owner that the letter "P" stands for Puppy Mill!...

Protect your registered boxer
organizations who's goal is to extinct the registered animal such as Humane societies, the SPCA, all AR organizations, and all affiliated organization, kennel clubs and individuals who support, advertise and publish these organizations, and protect your registered boxer from all AR affiliated vets and vet technicians.

Protect your boxer from organizations who engage in stripping registrations!

Protect your dog from
Rescue groups, societies and affiliated organisations
who collect dogs for the purpose of rendering them into useless vegetables.
Protect your dog from organizations which claim to sell for so-called "adoption" fees. Animals put up for "adoption" are in the hands of organizations selling second hand dogs for profit while often collecting donations under the heading "society". The registered animal has become free game in Canada and USA. Protect your registered boxer from persons who file false complaints. The goal is damage and abuse.

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