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Camano's September Sun
CKC Reg# HJ535720
09 May 1998 to 21 March 2010

September left peacefully at 18:30
after watching the evening activity around the house.

The story of IRIS, mother of September and Scarlet
and the missing gene:

IRIS was a princess. She didn't mind getting pregnant and she enjoyed being pregnant. During the last week of her pregnancy she would stop in front of a 1/8 inch high door threshold and then leap over it to clear the threshold and prevent the belly from touching the threshold. The irony was that Mother's Day was the whelping day. Iris had absolute no motherly instincts. It appeared that the boxer female Iris was missing a gene, the gene to care for her puppies. I understand that the experiment of knocking out one gene in the mouse, the gene fos-B, caused the mouse, an otherwise entirely normal mouse, to ignore her offsprings. On the whelping day of her eleven puppies Iris would hold back the next puppy and wait until I turn my eyes away from the whelping box, and then drop the puppy, dive for it, pick it up in her mouth and start swinging it around while charging in circles around the whelping box. For me, it was after all a sixteen hour event with additional twelve hours of absolute no sleep for myself, no coffee, no bathroom visits. I had no way of getting the puppy out of her mouth or even catch her. There were a few survivors. Iris had plenty of milk. But she had better things in mind then nursing puppies. The following day she escaped and headed out the two hundred feet long driveway to leave home. From then on we were nursing puppies with a shoe in my hands, ready and willing to toss it at her when she escaped out of the whelping box.

With exception of the head, both, September and Scarlet had a good structure passed down from Misha, their father. Regarding their mother Iris, I am still searching for the mode of inheritance is on this gene?

Pedigree of Camano's September Sun<br>
and<br>Camano's Shatelle Scarlet

Camano's Shatelle Scarlet

CKC Reg# HJ535713
09 May 1998 - 04 December 2008
pictured at ten years with her muzzle turning grey.

Scarlet's two puppies (Camano's V - Litter)

Camano's Valentino Camano's Vianna Grace

In the evening of the cold December day Scarlet came in from the porch.
A couple of hours later her heart stopped.
Scarlet was never sick after she came back to me.

Scarlet telling her Story...

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