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Basic Conditions to
Prospective Owner Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

For the purpose of raising and maintaining any dog, all 62 ancestors in the five generation pedigree must be consulted. If you do not have complete knowledge of the 62 ancestors behind your dog, then only the breeder can advise you correctly.

We request that our puppy and adult boxer owners do NOT accept advice from second-hand dog agencies and/or their volunteers; do NOT accept advice from backyard breeders; do NOT accept advice from owners of unregistered or mixed breed dogs; do NOT accept advice from owners of rescue dogs.

Camano will NOT place a puppy, young or adult boxer with an animal rights actictivist, an animal rights advocate, a member of humane societies, a member/volunteer or employee of the S.P.C.A., or any other individual member of a "dog friendly" group who engages in stripping dog registrations and/or mutilating healthy dogs. Camano will NOT place a boxer into the Nanaimo/Parksville area on Vancouver Island or permit a dog to attend classes in those areas. Camano monitors locations of AR (animal rights) activities, including vegetarian food fares. Camano maintains an updated record of AR (Animal Rights) veterinarians for the purpose of protecting our boxers from treatment by these vets.

Advice to the responsible dog owner:
Please refrain from socializing with dogs raised on the American fad of raw food diet and BARF, advertised as "Species Appropriate Raw Diets". We recommend avoiding all areas where these dogs deposit their feces. The feces of these dogs contain bacterial matter and parasites which are harmful to your boxer and also harmful to other animals! Feces of dogs eating raw meat contain Neospora caninum! Raw food diets expose your dog & your family to lethal toxic bacterial food poisoning such as Salmonella, botulism, e-coli through exposure & handling. At Camano, we feed Eukanuba/IAMS.

Regarding second hand dog agencies, please note that those agencies have no knowledge of the dog they are selling for an "adoption" price. The agencies do not have pedigree/ancestor information of the dogs or any information on the upbringing of the dogs. They do, however, make up soap opera stories to attract buyers with the aim to get an emotional response. If you own such a dog we will not place a Camano boxer into your home.

Restrictions in Veterinary Services:
Camano Boxer does not permit the following veterinary services:
Acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, holistic treatment/medication, current American "natural diet" promoted by vets, blood tests known as "titering" to assess the pet's antibody level. Regarding vaccinations, it is up to you as the owner of the boxer to trust and accept the recommended vaccination schedule of your vet. Be aware of the cancer-causing ingredients in all vaccinations administered to dogs and humans alike.

Absolutely NO "Honey and Sugar" veterinary treatment!
Absolutely NO AR (Animal Rights) vets!
Absolutely NO vets who work under the new AR (Animal Rights) guidelines of CVMA or AVMA!
Beware of AR (animal rights) orientated technicians who may work in clinics of reputable vets!

Registered Breeders:
Beware of the Search and Destroy puppy inquiries. Protect your property! Discard the phony (sample) inquiries "humanly" with your Shredder! Since the enforcement of the anti-terrorist laws following 911, only the strategy has changed, the ultimate goal of questionable societies and "animal loving groups/individuals" to extinct and kill registered animals remains the same.

Beware of brokers and the imported boxers with questionable pedigrees from brokers. The current flood of brokerage dogs into USA is now spilling over into Canada. If you are a reputable breeder, help keeping the brokers' dogs out of Canada. Canada does not need the pollution and does not need the progeny from these dogs!

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Serious dog owners only, please read:
Do you really know how to choose a Puppy?

Camano Boxer

Question for the experienced dog owner or dog trainer:
Which exercise should you never ever teach a dog:

a. Down near a stranger, beside or in front of a stranger
b. Shake a paw
c. Teach a puppy to go over agility jumps

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