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Camano's breeding line started with Sunar's Indian Chief in 1983. Indian was bred by the Sunar boxer kennel in Colorado Springs USA. He was the son of Oleg v. Knotenquell and Shinneth Barbie Doll of Sunar. This combination of German boxer breeding lines such as Heldenhuegel and Henningshof going back onto Schuetting in several branches until it reaches the famous English Witherford Boxers, and other good English breeding lines such as Steynmere produced excellent boxers. The bottom branch in the pedigree consisting of old fashioned American boxers was still closely related to the earlier boxers that came to the American continent from Europe. Offsprings from Indian enjoyed health and longevity up to 12, 13 and over 14 years of age.

Camano's Wawartok
Camano's Wawartok, a boxers from our original line.

We carefully aim to place and match our boxers with the new owner. We will only show you the boxer and/or boxer puppy we feel comfortable discussing with you. Regardless of age, we will match the boxer to the new owner. Since we do listen to our boxers, we will also give the boxer an opportunity to accept or reject a potential owner. A young, adult and even a puppy boxer may express at the time of introduction acceptance or rejection of a potential new owner.

We regret that we can no longer give guaranties to our puppy and adult boxer owners. The main reasons for terminating our guaranties are the animal rights activist/terrorist activities on the American continent, and the exposure to electronic devices. In addition, the guidelines of the CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association) and AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) which were officially adopted at the 2001 Veterinarian Medical World Congress (held in August 2001 in Vancouver Canada) although, practised well over a decade before 2001, are not preventing a veterinarians from jeopardizing the health of the registered dog. We recommend that our boxer owners gain basic medical veterinary knowledge, and check every diagnosis before accepting treatment and/or medication for the boxer. We request that owners of our boxers refrain from purchasing over-the-counter flea or worm programs. Veterinary clinics sell these programs over the counter. The damage to your boxer from those programs will be permanent and irreversible. If you aim to enjoy a healthy dog, please follow our advice.

Progeny Health Testing Record:
The new puppy owner must provide Camano with the required health test results (performed at the expense of the new owner before the boxer puppy reaches the age of 30 months). Camano requires from the new owner a health testing security deposit at transfer date of the puppy, which we return after the new owner submits the required health test results to Camano. Veterinarians performing the tests must be approved by Camano.

Stud Service:
We do NOT offer stud service to boxers that have been transferred/imported through brokers (International or American brokers. Stud service will NOT be made available to the progeny of imported brokers' dogs.

We do accept questions from children about the boxer dog. We aim to educate the future generation with the goal to create respect for the boxer dog. We will be delighted to answer your questions. However, if you are under 18 years of age and wish to acquire a boxer, please have a parent contact us

The following questionnaire has been based on the current situation dominating the American continent that is the hostile social climate aiming to destroy the purebred registered dog. If you are serious about the purebred registered boxer, we need to know if we can trust you with a boxer. We need to know if you are capable of protecting your boxer. We ask for your understanding in answering the questions. Please feel free to add your own comments.

.:: Prospective Owner Pre-Qualification Questionnaire ::.

Please answer all questions fully and completely to best help us understand your needs and to determine if we will have a puppy to suit you and your life style.

With your data
Contact Camano
via email, standard email text only, absolute no HTML documents. We do not accept telephone inquiries. Emails sent from a phone into our computer will not be answered.

Please address each sub-question with as much detail as possible. Only pre-approved prospective owners with a valid reservation will be informed of an upcoming litter.

bullet 1. Your Name, Address, phone number, email, and website url if you have a site. What type of work do you do? Name of your company or employer.

bullet 2. Your experience with the boxer dog. If you never owned a boxer, please, tell us in your own words why you would like to own a boxer. First time ownership can be very successful for the right owner.

bullet 3. Have you owned a boxer before? Do you own a boxer now? Registered names of all boxers you own or have owned, including name and contact number, and email address of the breeders; registered dam and sire of each of your boxers, copy of five-generation pedigree; titles achieved of your boxers; Life span of each boxer.

Did you provide your breeder(s) with all the health test results of your registered boxer(s)? Do you understand progeny health testing and why you must provide the health tests on your new puppy to your breeder?

What tests did you perform on your registered dog(s)? If the dog(s) passed away, of what cause(s)? If you disposed of the dog(s), where is the dog(s) now?

bullet 4. What do you intend to be the primary role of a Boxer puppy/dog in your household? For example, will the puppy/dog be primarily a personal companion, family companion, home guard dog, playmate for the children, personal protection dog, sport competition dog, show exhibition dog, tracking dog, etc.? Please be accurate and tell us what you expect from your boxer.

bullet 5. What are the breed characteristics that you like most about this breed? In other words, what factors will be most important to you in your selection of a puppy? Examples are color, size, gender, markings, bloodlines, etc. Please describe.

bullet 6. Do you want a male or a female Boxer? What is the reason for your preference, if you have one?

bullet 7. Have you owned other breeds of dogs before? If so, what breed(s), for how long did you own each dog, and what became of each of these dogs?

bullet 8. Do you own other animals? Do you have unregistered dogs, mix-breed or rescue dogs residing on your property? Have you owned or do you own a second hand dog?

bullet 9. Have you ever used euthanasia on an animal? Yes or no? If yes, what were the circumstances?

bullet 10. Name, address, phone number and email address of your veterinarian. Do you have basic veterinary knowledge? Can you check a diagnosis by the veterinarian? Because of the current policies by CVMA/AVMA, we request that you report every diagnosis back to Camano. Are you comfortable with this?

bullet 11. What are your views on spaying and neutering?
If you plan to spay or neuter a dog, why would you have it done? Please elaborate. Do you own spayed or neutered dogs?

See Note below to continue or stop your application.
We will not accept your application if you plan to mutilate your boxer in compliance with the mass hypnosis of neutering/spaying on the American continent.

bullet 12. Do you plan to breed your boxer in the future?

bullet 13. How much time a day do you have to spend with your boxer on a one to one basis? Do you know how to play with your boxer?

bullet 14. Describe your potential dog/puppy's living accommodations.

bullet 15. Describe the yard, kennel, and any other areas where the dog will have access to and/or live. For example, grass yard, concrete run, gravel run, covered or uncovered run, fenced area, pool, acreage (cleared or wooded), commercial area, business etc. (Note: Chain link fencing must be 9 gauge - not 11 gauge as commonly used - to be classified as a secure fence. A secure fence height depends on the ability of your boxer to scale it. A four-month-old boxer puppy can walk up a six feet high chain link fence without difficulty within seconds. An adult boxer may scale, climb, or jump an eight feet high fence.) Always attend your boxer in a yard, which does not have a secure fence!

bullet 16. Do you own, rent, or lease your home, condominium, living accommodations within a commercial establishment etc.? How long have you lived at your current address? (Note: The boxer adjusts well to condominium and city life, which allows you to walk him on clean sidewalks. We request that you stay away from all off-leash parks. We request that you refrain from mingling with mix-breed or rescue dogs, and refrain from walking your boxer on the grounds where these dogs mingle. Do not leave your dog in boarding kennels where dogs are allowed to mingle.(falsely called socializing). At ferry terminals, do not use the designated dog relief areas. Our boxers are trained to relief themselves on hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, wood etc. Take a supply of sandwich baggies along to pick up the droppings and be prepared to argue with the ferry terminal staff over it!)

bullet 17. Do you have children? If so, what are their ages? Are the children comfortable with animals?

bullet 18. How do you discipline your dog/puppy?

bullet 19. What manners will be required of the puppy/dog for it to become an acceptable member of your household? For example: Learn quickly to not chase your cat, know and not stray from your property boundaries, understand that barking at guests at the door is unacceptable, etc. Will jumping up of your boxer on a person be acceptable? In other words, what behaviours do you find either necessary or intolerable in your dog, if any?

bullet 20. Are you a member in good-standing of a dog organization, breed club, or dog working association? Please list the organization(s) complete with membership number. How many years were you a member of the organization(s)?

bullet 21. Do you plan on obedience training your dog? If so, have you researched potential trainers and/or dog schools, or will you train your puppy/dog yourself?

bullet 22. Have you read any books on dog care and training? If so, please list what you have read.

bullet 23. Are you planning to participate with your dog in any type of dog sport, work or other activity? If so, please describe.

bullet 24. How much exercise and mental stimulation do you think a Boxer Dog needs? How do you plan to provide both, exercise and mental stimulation?

bullet 25. How much socialization do you think a Boxer Dog requires? How and where would you socialize your new dog?

bullet 26. Have you done any research on the Boxer breed? If so, what sources have you referenced? Please list.

bullet 27. Are you comfortable with the following arrangements:

  • a.) The new owner will have to sign a contract stating that he/she will keep up the required
    vaccination on the boxer.
  • b.) The new owner will have the required health tests of the puppy done at his own expense.
    Tests must be completed on the boxer at age 30(thirty) months. The owner is
    entitled to receive the refundable health test deposit (collected at time of
    transfer) upon submitting the health test results to the breeder.
  • c.) We request that the adult boxer be fed a good quality commercial kibble such as
    Eukanuba, Vitamin C and E must be added with a leasser quality kibble;
    grated cooked carrot, tomato, fruit, banana and cheese added for taste,
    The new owner must refrain from feeding a BARF and raw meat diet.
    Meat must be cooked.
  • d.) The new owner must refrain from visiting vets who promote the raw meat or BARF
    diet, or advertise visiting hours for their animal patients.

bullet 28. We request that you refrain from walking your boxer on grounds and surfaces where these BARF and raw meat diet dogs run and walk. Do you understand the danger of Neospora caninum?

bullet 29. With the internet distributing a large amount of misleading information on purebred dogs, will you be able to assess any information you read in the publications on the internet or in magazines (publications from all kennel clubs in Canada included!) before applying the advice to your boxer? We request that you do not take any advice from animal rights activists or rescue dog owners.

bullet 30. Please do not apply if you currently own a second hand dog, a rescue dog, or an SPCA dog.

Decades of genetic research have gone into producing a healthy litter free of faults. Only a small percentage of selective matings produce fault free litters. Generations of selective breeding from both, healthy male and healthy female boxers can produce such litter. We have spent years of education, money, effort, and long hours to reach our goals. If you plan on chopping the testicles or spaying a healthy puppy female because you have been subjected on the American continent to the brainwashing and the "humane" mass hypnosis of rendering a dog useless through mutilation, please get yourself a stuffed dog from the toy store instead! You can operate on it whenever you like! If you are an irresponsible owner who can only live with an abused and mutilated dog, forget about contacting us. We will not give you a puppy! End of Note.

Upon receiving the above information, we will check the data and contact you via email with our comments and further questions.

Basic Conditions - please read! ......... You must own a crate.
Read the Basic Conditions to learn about our ownership restrictions.

Serious dog owners only, please read:
Do you really know how to choose a Puppy?

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