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We miss you!


I should have been born as a boxer dog with my coat color and the white markings. My mother was white, a cross between a Siamese and a wild grey Tom cat, and my father was the orange Tom of the wild west roaming the country, and fighting with my grandfather, the grey Tom. Born in September 1993, I was the only survivor of the litter. When my father tried to kill me, our mistress saved my life.

My mother taught me how to climb trees. I raised her kittens while she was catching mice. I raised so many kittens, I never learned to catch a mouse. My mother hunted rats, mice, birds and even rabbits, we could not eat it all.

When we moved into bear and eagle country, I learned to watch the sky. I learned to run from the big black bears. Thanks to my mother, I survived the cougars by climbing higher than the big cats. Others were not so lucky and vanished into the cougars' stomachs.

Misha could never catch me. He tried repeatedly. Romeo, his son caught me once by the tail. I enjoyed my life watching the birds and mice get away on me. They like to sit all around me. One day a bird will fly into my mouth. In the meantime, I am eating the dry cat kibble from the store.

Einmal ein Boxer - Immer ein Boxer!

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