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CH Camano's Michio Maccabaeus



Pedigree of CH Camano's Michio Maccabaeus

CKC Reg.# EC270416
14 February 1995 - 10 January 2008
Breeder/Owner: Inge Coulter, British Columbia, Canada

A gentle teaser. He enjoyed teasing other boxers. Never looking for a fight,
he would spend weeks teasing other boxers until they hated the sight of him.
Then he would ignore them and pretend they did not exist.
Never sick during his entire life, only the coat turning slowly grey and white
revealed his age. His night vision started to deteriorate in fall 2007.
Misha left suddenly without a warning at 18:37 on Thursday, 10 January 2008,
five weeks short of his 13th birthday on Valentine's Day.
He gave me only minutes to say good-bye.


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To the best of my knowledge this pedigree is true and correct.

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Reagan O'Hagan showing Misha

CH Camano Michio Maccabaeus Misha is 10 years old Misha is 10 years old
Misha at 10 years in Winter 2005 with his coat turning grey

What Misha has to say......

9 1/2 years Misha is 9 1/2 years old Misha is 11 1/2 years old11 1/2 years
Puppy Misha
Puppy Misha in Spring 1995

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