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Camano does NOT support the following organizations:

Boxer Club of Canada
Three decades of consistently running the boxer with limited in-house breeding
into the ground has rendered the Canadian Boxer near extinction
Tail deformations are hidden behind the docked tail
and affected boxers bred without spondylosis tests
By not publishing JKD pedigrees
the Boxer Club of Canada promotes breeding of JKD and JRD affected animals.
The breeders of the Boxer Club of Canada are selling those animals
to let the public deal with the premature death of the boxer.
The breeders of the Boxer Club of Canada do not reveal the background of their boxers.
Posting of the five-generation pedigrees is non-existent.
Instead, pretty pictures with the notation "loved by so and so" are posted on websites.

Dog charity organizations or kennel clubs
conducting dog charity events in Canada.

Dog charity organizations conducting
medical and genetic research in Canada (or USA).

Pet magazines in Canada canvassing
for paid advertisements of registered dogs.

Non-profit, government sanctioned or other humane societies,
which collect unregistered, rescue and second hand dogs
to sell them by calling the transaction an adoption.

Camano does not support Animal Rights Veterinarians
performing in accordance with Animal Rights Guidelines.

We oppose Specific Breed Legislation.

Beware of the non-profit official society
operating the largest dog mills in Canada and USA
while canvassing for and collecting donations from the public,
and running newspaper advertisements.

Beware! Do not buy another man's problems!

Protect and promote the registered dog.
Protect the registered dog breeder.

Stop the attacks by animal terrorists and activists.

Stop de-registration.

Stop the Canadian (and USA) dog rescue farce.

Stop buying phony rescue and mix breed dogs for "adoption" fees.

Stop the mass hypnosis of operating on healthy registered dogs.

Stop rendering dogs into vegetables by neutering and spaying.

Keep your dog intact. Keep your dog healthy

Neutering and spaying is the cause of many severe health problems.

Stop taking advice from your Animal Rights Veterinarian.

Stop taking advice from the internet.

Stop taking advice from humane societies,
and other second hand dog organizations.

Stop getting a de-registered dog from rescue societies.

Buying a dog without a registered pedigree is the same as buying a dog in a box.

If you do not know your dog's ancestry (minimum 62 dogs),
then you can only nurture this animal with food, water and walkies
but you do not have a dog.

If you do not know the breeder of your dog who can guide you
on how to raise and maintain the dog,
the breeder who knows the ancestry pedigree of your dog,
then you will not know how to raise the dog.

Better raising a chicken or a pet rat.

Embrace pre-emption on the American continent or be prepared to loose your registered dog!

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