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Camano Boxer - Goals and Principles

Camano interacts with boxer breeding lines from reputable sources who meet the International Standard of the Boxer set forth by reputable world boxer clubs.

1.) We research the sixty-two boxers in each five-generation pedigree, including siblings to dam and siblings to sire, siblings to grandparents and upon availability siblings to great-grandparents.

2.) Complete progeny records from earlier breedings must be submitted to Camano; including records of siblings if available.

3.) Camano will not accept pedigrees containing one or more boxers of unknown origin in any of the five generations, and will not interact with such a boxer based on incomplete or non-existing data in the ancestry. Data must be readily accessible through the foreign registration number.

4) Camano will not interact with boxers who were imported through brokers onto the American continent. Camano will not interact with the progeny of such imports. Camano will not place a boxer puppy into such homes.

Camano encourages all potential boxer owners who plan to import a boxer onto the American continent from a foreign country to learn about the present breeding laws on the International level, to study the International breeding lines, to learn about the development of the boxer, and how the breeding lines arrived at the present standard of the boxer. Camano encourages persons who plan to import a boxer puppy to learn about their chosen breed line prior to approaching a breeder, and purchase only directly from the foreign breeder. Learn about the Zuchtwert, and learn how it applies to the pedigree of your chosen German import! Learn how the Testicle Zuchtwert implemented for the last fifteen years in Germany has affected the quality of the German Boxer. To this date, no proof exists that testicle faults are inherited. Before importing, check the pedigrees of all puppies in litters over six to seven puppies for validity. If in doubt, request DNA testing for proof of dam and sire.

Research the health record of all boxers in the five-generation pedigree and all their siblings if it is possible to find them and their owners, present and past. This is a time consuming task involving the research of over a thousand boxers, however, it can be done through the internet by spending long hours on your computer to find the needles in the haystack.


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