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Sunar's Indian Chief and the Aircoupe on the Victoria Airport Showing Durin

Born in Berlin, Germany her maiden name is Ingeborg Rosemarie Ritterin von Grocholski. She is the great-granddaughter of the Viennese Architect Otto Friedrich Thienemann. The family Thienemann (Thienemann Archives) goes back to the year 1526. Inge's father Dr.-Ing. Alfred Grocholski was an electrical engineer, her mother Marieanne a librarian.

Riesenrad in Vienna Inge studied architecture in Vienna under Professor Architect Oswald Haerdtl (photo) and Professor Architect Franz Schuster. She graduated from the
Universität für Angewandte Kunst, also known as Akademie für Angewandte Kunst, In Vienna, she worked for Architect Ferdinand Kitt, the ARGE Allgemeines Krankenhaus Wien, and well known architects in Vienna Austria. In Canada, she worked for
Peter Hemingway Architect Edmonton Alberta.
Inge's professional resume

Inge's son Robert (Bob) Obsieger from her first marriage to Architect Prof. Gerhard Obsieger graduated as Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta. Bob is presently hiding behind a computer as a Senior Software Engineer of IBM. Still living in Austria, Inge was fond of her father-in-law Professor Robert Obsieger, head of the Ceramic Department at the Akademie für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna. His large ceramic sculptures stand in the city of Vienna. He exhibited at the Triennale in Milan, Italy. Inge will always remember the televised honour presentation by the city of Vienna. Her father-in-law sat in the front row beside the famous Oskar Kokoschka, who also received an award. Both awards were accompanied by a large monetary gift. Upon leaving the ceremony, Oskar Kokoschka forgot the money. It had fallen on the floor. As the TV camera focused onto the floor, the camera caught the worn leather garden boot of my father-in-law stepping over the envelope. He had come directly from the remote garden where he loved to relax working the soil. He did not feel that it was important to change boots.

In Canada, Inge learned that a husband who likes to go to school does not necessarily want to pass exams or even finish school; better yet, does not want to get an education or a job. The divorce lawyer explained to her that Canadian men are a different breed with regard to education. She gave her second husband fourteen days to come up with his future job description. When after a one-week extension he failed to present her with his goals, instead planned to buy a new pair of skis, she divorced him. This behaviour of Canadian men is foreign to Germany and Austria. Canadian men seem to have some qualities. They know how to do laundry, house cleaning and cooking. Inge decided Canadian men were not worth the trouble.

Inge loves classical music, opera, jazz, theatre, and haute couture. She brought four ball gowns to Canada in anticipation of the winter ball season. What a disappointment! While Canada is known for its outdoor recreation, it lacks classical music, opera, jazz, theatre, and haute couture. The rumour that Canadians lack good taste, like Kitsch and do not know how to dress, is true.

Inge learned ball room dancing while in the last years of highschool in Linz Austria. Her dancing partner was Otti at the Tanzschule. In later years, Otti was known under his nickname "Denkmal der VOEST".

Inge is an ATM-Silver International Toastmaster.
Remembering the author Delano Ames.

Inge’s ancestry is spectacular. She has 1085 relatives all over the world, and many of them living on the American continent. In Austria, Inge competed in gymnastics and fencing. Inge's specialties in track and field were the javelin, the high jump, and the hurdles. In Canada, she enjoyed hiking, back-packing and touring the Canadian Rockies, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing. She was always showing off skiing below the lift line! Her favourite mountain was Whistler Mountain in BC, Canada. Inge was skiing Whistler on the day it opened! We still have the clipping from the local newspaper, the Whistler Question. She would finish sixteen runs in the Whistler Back Bowl by mid afternoon, then pick up her boxer and walk him up to the Whistler gondola mid-station, often with a curious local black bear following them at a distance. During her university time, she spent some time in Morocco skiing the Atlas Mountains.

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When she was younger....

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Sking and Wedeln on Whistler Mountain in British Columbia Canada

Inge learned scuba diving in Edmonton Alberta. On Vancouver Island, she was partner in the restoration of the Yangtse, a 1912 Bristol Channel Cutter that had come over from England on a cargo vessel. Inge sailed the thirty-six feet Cutter through the Gulf Islands, the Strait of Georgia, and the Juan de Fuca Strait with only her experience from dinghy sailing on the Old Danube in Vienna. With her navigation skills, she later piloted a couple of large fishing vessels into the basin, harbour and marina on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. She learned to fish for Salmon the way of the commercial fishermen, always catching the one fish for supper, often smoking it with Alder leaves in a hole on the ground.

Inge enjoyed flying her Aircoupe CF-VTB over Alberta and B.C., and she flew the single engine aircraft all the way to the 1977 Oshkosh Air Show in Wisconsin, USA. Upon arrival in the circuit, Inge lined up her Aircoupe behind forty-two other aircrafts waiting in the air one thousand feet above the ground for her turn to land on the Oshkosh Airfield. During this largest air show in the world, three aircrafts are cleared for landing at the same time on the same short runway. One aircraft lands at the button, the second one in the middle, and the third one on the end of the runway.

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Aircoupe CF-VTB

Inge taught her first boxer to wear a seat belt in her red MGB, and later in her Aircoupe. Inge competed with her boxers in obedience and tracking. A kitten retrieved from the wilderness was the first pet in Canada. Inge and her boxers spent several years travelling with a holiday trailer in USA and Western Canada, competing and attending seminars, often driving long distances of desrt land (photo).

Inge is the founder of the Cassidy Tracking Club on Vancouver Island. In 1988, she started breeding boxers under the CKC registered prefix Camano Boxer. The name Camano is a tribute to Camano Island in Washington State where Inge and the boxers spent a white Christmas on the campground.


Flight graphic courtesy of
Jeff Bucchino "The Wizard of Draws"