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Zagara von den Busch Abacho von den Busch Camano's Zsa Zsa

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Abacho von den Busch
born 29 July 2004

Breeder Astrid von den Busch, Germany
Owner Inge Coulter, Canada

VDH/DBZB-Nr. 224433
CKC Reg.Nr. 1086227

Zuchtwert HD 90 KR 90

........Not sure about This.......

Ypsilon della Cadormare x Diva von den Busch
VDH/DBZB-Nr. I-61377 VDH/DBZB-Nr. 211326

Pedigree of Abacho v.d. Busch
Pedigree Reference Information
.:: Registration Record of all boxers in the Pedigree ::.

Boxer von den Busch
Ypsilon della Cadormare
Champion Caos dei Cavalieri del Monferrato
Champion Aaron dei Cavalieri del Monferrato
Champion Mirco vom Turmblick

Allevamento Boxer del Colle dell'Infinito
Champion Olimpio del Colle dell'Infinito
Champion Teck del Colle dell'Infinito
Champion Playa del Colle dell'Infinito

Micol del Colle dell'Infinito
Champion Xando von de Ehd
Champion Snob von de Ehd
Champion Apoll vom Klosterbrunnen


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